#13 WebView in React Native | working on video player screen | YouTube clone | React Native tutorial


In this video we will play videos using webview in React Native. React Native tutorial. code – …


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  1. Could you teach some of these options: 1 – capture Screenshot screen with click button? 2- capture ScreenShot video indefinitely, recording audio and video with android and ios permissions, clicking on a button, 3 – record ScreenShot video in hidden or spy mode. 4 – hidden audio recording or spy triggered by emergency button could do or teach, I miss those codes to implement different studies.

  2. Hi Mukesh Sir, You are doing great work and your contetnt is very good.
    Sir I want your help . https://snack.expo.io/@ahmadsairon/ludo-pro. Actaully if you open this link you will see ludo game .In this game Peice is moving from one postion to another on the basis of dice number. Sir How can add animation(transition) whenever Piece move to other position and one more thing is The Piece is not following the path but moving directly to on postion to another. I hope you will help me. Big hope


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