2014 Razer Blackwidow TE in 2020: 6 Years Later Throwback #TKLFridays


2014 Razer Blackwidow TE in 2020: 6 Years Later Throwback #TKLFridays
Obviously no link because it’s old and not sold anymore.
Razer Blackwidow TE Chroma V2 with Green Switches: (Amazon)

Razer in 2014 Announcing Switches:

Typing Test: 8:00
After Typing Test: 9:28

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  1. My first mechanical keyboard is the blackwidow chroma 2014. Sadly it didn’t last long… I returned it to razer and they gave me a replacement because it’s under warranty. It happened again 2 times and they replaced it again. Sadly it died after the warranty expired. I wish Razer could roll back their switches to cherry.

  2. I'm still using the same edition of the keyboard and mine has orange switches, it's really nice that it doesn't really make that much noise. Looking to upgrade however, just found your channel too!

  3. I’ve got a ducky coming in, but I’ve been using this exact same keyboard since the beginning of 2015. It has been through hell and countless spilt drinks. It’s gonna make me kinda sad switching to another keyboard, but change is inevitable

  4. I still have mine though I don't use it anymore but it is also my first mechanical keyboard. It was great at that time, pissed off a couple of roommates though…. ah good times.

  5. Hi, have the exact same keyboard since 2015 and need to upgrade! Since WFH and using this keyboard daily, the noise and typing pressure has started to drive me crazy. Can you recommend any quiet/silent membrane/mechanical keyboards please? I'm prioritising noise instead of response/feel. Equally, the 2014 Blackwidow TE has held up incredibly well with only the WSAD keys slightly fading, but not a fan of the smooth keys.

  6. I just brought another one after my SHIFT key broke after 4 Years of abuse. By the way at 2:35 it is a Mini USB cable NOT Micro. Micro is a smaller standard. Hope this helps. Fantastic Channel.

  7. My first mech keyboard and I love it, I used to use a dell membrane from 2007. I bought two 2014 TE but I wished they still had the cherry mx blues with the design of this keyboard. Maybe I can do a tear down and solder a cherry mx switches. This was a good review by the way.

  8. Sorry to hear about your "inspiration" situation, but it's great to know that the Youtube Channel is growing 🙂 I just started getting into keyboards while in quarantine. I've always loved them, but I always thought they were too expensive for me. Now that I've grown up a bit, I'm loving learning about all this new stuff and doing so much window shopping haha!

  9. Hi im back, uh i have decided that the HyperX Alloy Orgins Core is a good pick . however, I can't find it on Amazon. it says it ran out of stock . do u have any other links I can buy from?

  10. This week, I'm grateful for Heilung (Experimental-Folk group) and rediscovering my roots/origin in life, or at least centered on that thought. Funny, I just switched from a Razer Deathstalker w/green backlight and is a membrane keyboard, to my First Mech, w/cherry mx blue switches. I'll never go back to membrane! I believe that keyboard was made circa 2012! LoL…Used to love Razer products, not soo much now a days. Thanks again, have a nice week!

  11. That keyboard sounds like my cheap Havit one that I got in 2020 for $40. Do you remember how much you paid for it in 2014? I apologise if you already mentioned it, I must have missed it when watching.

    As far as being proud, I'm an IT field tech in healthcare. I fixed four of our clinics' telemedicine issues this week, which seems like it might help a lot of people out. I also managed to finally do meal prep to prevent me from spending money on takeout

  12. My first mechanical keyboard was this one! After years on hiatus, i'm planning on getting a mech back and your channel has been helping so much. About binged every one of your videos today 🙂

    I have a question though, which would you recommend:
    IKBC CD87
    Akko 3087
    Ducky One 2 TKL
    Leopold FC750R

    I find that IKBC based on your review is a great bang for your buck. but I feel that spending a bit more on higher end would suffice as I prefer build quality and longevity overall, not that I throw my peripherals around but just worried about the quality of some of these products over time. Didn't have the best experience with Razer 🙁

    And also, are cherry MX brown switches acceptable for typing? I'm from Malaysia so there aren't many options around here 🙂

    Would love to here your thoughts. Keep up with this channel! Almost at 1K!


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