Browserify: Use require() In Client Side JavaScript

Browserify bundles your JS code with the source of all the modules you included and makes a new JS file.

No need to use multiple script tags for different JS files, just bundle them and add once.

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  1. I have this error
    > browserify main.js -o bundle.js
    Error: Can't walk dependency graph: Cannot find module '/home/…./…/…/main.js' from '/home/…/…/…/_fake.js'
    required by /home/…/…/…/_fake.js

  2. Hey man, I had a doubt just today while testing Beefy for auto reload. Would appreciate your help:
    Beefy seems to work fine when using it with a main.js connected to an index.html. But then I start working on an inside folder and call a file named v1.js. All I see when getting to the (// port is a blank document, only the JS is visible via the browser´s console but the v1.html file I have set up to interact with that v1.js is not displaying. Have any idea why this happens?

  3. Thank you very much. This removed the block I had about how to use server-side code in the browser.
    I complemented browserify with beefy for auto reload and works incredibly. Even more, I got to understand the concept of "shipping to production". Given that beefy works locally but not when commiting the project to Github, for example. Keep doing this man, great resources!!


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