Can't Uninstall Avast… How to Remove Avast Anti-Virus Completely!


Do not select “Yes” to go to Windows Safe Mode if you have an “Email” associated with your account. Just select “No” and let it run with out safe mode. You would need a local user account if you want to go to safe mode.
Updated video has been added, here is the link –

This video will be show you how to Remove Avast Completely!

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  1. What do you do if the window at 1:38 just loads and doesnt do anything? Also before i found out about the unintaller.exe i tried to uninstall the standard way and now I have the avast uninstall window frozen that task manager cant even end. It appears to be stuck on there. I just want this off my pc please help lol.

  2. One time this happened, luckily in the night time i did uninstall the FUCKING anti-virus scam alone with no help and i did not have to restart and then POOF it was gone! 🤗 and i did it in my 60 fps running PC

  3. I use IOBit uninstaller. I highliy recommend it. It not only uninstalls a program, it also removes all files and residual files related to it as well. Having said that, Avast if one of the most stubborn programs to remove.

  4. I need to uninstall it but it blocked access to the internet so I can’t access the website to uninstall it. What should I do
    Edit: I disabled it and it allowed me to open chrome so I finally got rid of it! This was an insanely helpful video!!


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