Fake Kingston HyperX Fury Memory from eBay

Beware there are fake Kingston HyperX Fury Memory out there from sellers on eBay, and this is how to spot them.

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  1. I just bought a HyperX memory card from Aliexpress, china. And I don't know if it's fake. Now I'm wondoering it. It looks like it's actually a latumab brand memory. I dont know, can you help me?

  2. I dont know but kingston have released data sheet for this memory module. And most computer shop sell this sticks. Maybe memory chips went so much cheaper for this new released memory? or i dont know

  3. Guys, I have been seeing this happening a LOT in 2020, not just through Ebay and Amazon (we already knew) but from places like Newegg even (marketplace). These unscrupulous chinese manufacturers are copying not just RAM but just about every product under the sun and dumping it on Ebay and Amazon. First dead giveaway is always pricing, and these DIMMs and SO-DIMMs ALWAYS come in retail packaged kits, sealed from the factory.
    When purchasing RAM be very careful and don't be tempted by cheap pricing on Ebay, and if it says shipping from China direct, simply STAY AWAY.
    Just had the same issue with counterfeit Crucial memory (retail Micron Tech). The listing photo showed retail pack, but when I got items it was loose pieces. They did register correctly but part and material numbers when checked against Micron website were invalid.

  4. I dont know about you guys, but obviously this china kind of rams are not as bad as those clickbait channels describe them. Last year i did order one stick of ram (ddr3 4gb) on this website,; I can clearly say that the kind of ram i purchased had no brand, no firm and it was actually an unknown type of ram, i also did ask my computer mechanic too and he suggested me not to buy it because of the cheap price and the issues that this ram will produce to me. But either way i bought it because i was interested and curious to try it out and now has been 2 years from the day that i literally purchased the "dont buy it" ram and it turned out that it was the best ram ive ever bought, this beast is still pushing, still working like a monster and ive had no problems or any kind of issues with it. Im going to keep you informed again because in the next few weeks im gonna buy the same exact type of ram that this guy is telling yall that its trash. Thanks


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