How to Delete Any WordPress Category (even "Uncategorized")


Quickly learn how to delete any category from your WordPress website including that pesky “Uncategorized” category you can’t seem to get rid of!


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About this Video

Deleting post categories in WordPress is easily done from the Posts → Categories menu. To delete a category, hover your mouse of the intended category and click the “Delete” link. Your browser will ask you if you’re sure you want to delete the category, so just click the “OK” button and the category will be removed.

The only category you can’t delete right away is the “Uncategorized” category. That’s because WordPress requires you to have one default category at all times. That said, you can change the default category.

Visit the Settings → Writing page and use the first option there to change the default category to one you’ve created. Then you can return to the Categories menu and delete the Uncategorized category.

As for deleting all categories, this is not currently an option but you can use the Disable Blog plugin to remove posts entirely from your site including tags and categories.

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