How to detect your Razer Device in Synapse 3


If Synapse 3 is not detecting your Razer device, it may be caused by either a software or a hardware issue. It may also be caused by using the incorrect version …


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  1. Okay so I literally tried everything but nothing worked for months…
    SUDDENLY, while I was reinstalling Razer Synapse 3 (again), right after a computer restart and letting my computer settle a bit, I was watching a video, and the installation went while the video played, it actually worked!

    If you're still having issues, try playing some music or some video WHILE you are installing razer until it completely finishes, the sound wouldn't work sometimes while installing but don't stop the video/music! Tell me if this worked out for you too!

  2. I plug in all my razer keyboard, headset, and mouse.. only keyboard was detected.. i reinstall synapse how manny time and didnt work.. please make an endividual driver each of all your product.. you give headache to the user..

  3. Didn't work, but if you just gave us direct access to the drivers I could fix my issue in about 5 seconds. EDIT: If anyone ends up with a corrupted driver synapse won't bother repairing it ever. What you have to do is literally uninstall every single driver for your razer device. Device Manager is how you do so on windows. For my keyboard, it had drivers under Keyboards, Human Interface Devices, and Universal Serial Bus controllers. Make sure you turn on show hidden devices.


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