How to install RAM Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series



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    Don't buy this garbage …. I bought it and regretted it …. with little time, the keyboard had a problem with just over a year, even though the notebook has less than a hundred hours of use … a waste and it is very expensive to exchange of this keyboard (FLASH DEFECT). DELL threw its reputation in the trash with its made in China peripherals. Now I have to live with a different keyboard error each day …… DELL? NEVER….

  2. By far one of the worst designs I've seen and worst computers. The new ones are way better. I'm trying to use an old one as a guinea pig. Just with the fact I have to do all this just to get inside it is ridiculous.

  3. I just wanted to write about sata connector of a DVD drive exactly in this model. I did destroyed wire ribbon while opening back panel. I did not expect that sata connector will be on a panel but not on the mainboard side. You cannot imagine how much problem it done for me. Oooh. I can't imagine where i can find a new one, moreover it was a client's laptop, not mine.

    So in this video no any attention to the wire ribbon of the DVD drive
    What did you do with it?

  4. Good job, not a 1 2 3 done .
    The 🎀 ribbon cables are paper thin and wide. The lathes and clips breaks so easily. After you dismembered one difficult laptop 💻 and upgraded, your a expert on the next repair or upgrade 😉

  5. Thanks for this video. Great help this one. By the way, after installing the additional ram, are there any other processes i have to do, or the new ram will work upon turning the laptop on?


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