How to rapidly update your React Native android project using Code Push without app store upload


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In this video, we are talking about code push and we will integrate it in React Native project step by step. Code Push lets you update your application without even sending any apk to your clients and app store. Watch this video to see how immediately you can publish new updates for your clients.

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  2. In this example that you explained, you used 'code-push add MyGit android react-native' for ANDROID, but if you also need to add it for IOS, do I also need to configure it for IOS? example 'code-push add MyGit ios react-native'? Thank you.

  3. may I ask for help
    after I change the file that I want to change, then I wrote the code
    code-push release-react fresh_react android, and then succes . but when I open again my app there is no change at all

    react-native-cli: 2.0.1

    react-native: 0.61.4
    "react-native-code-push": "^6.2.0"

  4. So you can do this to update apps in the playstore? its similar to expo over the air updates i think, what other alternatives are to updating a app published in the playstore? great video.


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