How to Re-Lock Bootloader Xiaomi Devices


#relockbootloader #xiaomiphone
How to re lock bootloader Xiaomi Phone easily. I am starting play with Xiaomi 🙂 Previous video How to unlock the bootloader

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xiaomi phone, relock bootloader

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  1. Hlo bro…
    I did that but I forgot to change the bottom settings from "clean all and lock"
    to "clean all".
    While flashing the settings was "clean all and lock"

    Now I cant flash it. Its showing that The Device is Locked.
    My Mi 9T device isn't turning on. What to do?

  2. Sir just wanna ask if I relock my bootloader will netflix and gcash will be compatible with my device? Cause right now I can't seem to find netflix and gcash in play store. Please help 😭

  3. Bro, what will happen if I flash miui eu on my Redmi Note 9s and click the clean all and lock option? Will it lock my bootloader? Are there problems when I click that option? Please Answer😁


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