How to reset Unifi Access points to factory default. Password recovery


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In this video I show you how to factory default the Unifi / Ubiquiti access points so you can recover the password and use the AP.

The default passwords for Unifi is username: ubnt password : ubnt

You need to know the password to be able to adopt the access points to your unifi controller.

If you know the username and password and want to reset open a putty session and run the following command: restore-default

In the next video we will show you how to create a guest and admin network, create vlans, Create a firewall rule to allow the guest network to only access the internet and nothing else.

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  1. Hello Mactel,
    Please help as i am unable to SSH into the AP, even though i see the IP on the devices screen (
    Adoption also fails from the controller. I have a steady amber LED.

  2. In case your device is not detected, you need to inform controller. First ssh into device and then set inform request.

    SSH into the device and type the following and hit enter, substituting "ip-of-controller" with the IP address of the host of the UniFi Network Controller:

    set-inform http://ip-of-controller:8080/inform

  3. nice, thanks for the video, helped me a lot.
    formatted my laptop and forgot to take a back up (= teachable moment, take backups !! haha)

    1 remark, needed to reboot controller software so ubi's could be adopted !!

  4. Quick question about remote adoption:
    If I just create a WAN_LOCAL rule in UDM-Pro to allow port 8080 on destination > WAN IP, would I be able to adopt remote AP by using set-inform http://WAN.ip.of.UDM:8080/Inform. I am just curious if UDM pro listens for port 8080 for adoption on its WAN interface.

    I know that if I just had a controller sitting behind firewall, I would do port forwarding for port 8080 to internal IP of the controller.
    I don't know how it works on UDM pro.

  5. Hi Cody. I followed your video for resetting my AC AP-Pro. It already has the latest firmware and it shows in the "Devices" for adoption. However, I cannot get it to adopt. Do you have any other recommendations?

  6. Why can't I reboot this device from the app? My routers have had that feature for years. My device was fine, lost power, and is now says disconnected. The controller software doesn't let you reboot em. Would want that if these were mounted far out of reach.


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