How to reverse a String in JavaScript Tutorial

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to reverse a string in JavaScript including a way to do it with using a for loop which is helpful if you get asked to solve this challenge at interview. Get my free 32 page eBook of JavaScript HowTos 👉

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Whilst it’s not the most common of tasks to do as a Junior Developer, finding out how to reverse a string in JavaScript is handy to know as it introduces you to a few new concepts in terms of handling arrays.

But wait!? A string isn’t an array!

You’re right it’s not but unfortunately for us there is no in-built function in JavaScript which will help you reverse a string in JavaScript. For example, you can’t just call str.reverse() to get a reversed version of the string.

However, as you’ll discover in the video, arrays in JavaScript do have a reverse function available to them. So if we could convert a string in to an array (with each item in the array being a character from the string) we could then reverse it easily with the Array.prototype.reverse() function.

In the tutorial you’ll learn how to do exactly this by using the split() function on the original string and then using the join() function to re-assemble it once it’s been reversed.

You’ll see that this process is very simply however sometimes you’ll be asked (perhaps at a job interview) how to reverse a string in JavaScript without using reverse method. In this instance, the interviewers are checking you can handle basic algorithmic challenges without relying on inbuilt functions.

So, in order to learn how to reverse a string in JavaScript without using reverse method, in the video we’ll discuss how to reverse a string in JavaScript with for loops. Whilst this isn’t the most elegant of ways to do it, it is fairly straightforward and it’s always good to know different ways of accomplishing the same task.

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  1. Hey dude, loved the vid, I was struggling for a little while to find the proper syntax and structure to do this properly with the loop.

    Turned out I was doing text.length and not including length – 1 like you did in the video – I can assume this is why it returned undefined then my string value.

    Just quickly if you don't mind answering, I still can't picture why this is the case though?

    In my mind, you should start at the end length, to get the last character? (There must be something I'm missing as it only works with length – 1…)

    Say you're working with: const text = "string";

    The text.length would be 6. So to reverse all six letters, surely you would need to start at text.length so it starts at 6, not -1 so it starts at 5.

    I hope that makes sense, it's just something I'm struggling to process!

  2. I love your style. But my question is how can you reverse only words with 6 or more letters in a given string. That is ''My second programs code'' turns to "My dnoces smargorp". Thank you


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