How to root Zenfone 2, 3, 4, 5 and all others!


How to root Zenfone 2, How to root Zenfone 3, How to root Zenfone 4, How to root Zenfone 5, How to root Zenfone 6, How to root Zenfone Selfie and all others!

Hey guys back with another on my channel. Yes! A big one! Many people do not know what is rooting and are, in a way, in no control of their phone!. If you want to know how please watch to find out!!

1. Rooting is totally legal but it voids your warranty
2. Rooting does not cause any damage to your phone and there are no third-party data being sent to your phone!
3. If you tend to damage your phone after rooting it, it is out of my responsibility but you can e-mail me for support!


Intro: Remix Of Sorry by Justin Bieber

What is rooting? : Cake By The Ocean:

Link to Rootkit (Number1)(updated!):

(Number 2):

Note: If you are on Windows 10 you will experience an issue with installing the Intel DvrInstaller 1.1.5, so here is the link for the drivers which also work on Windows 10:

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