How To Upgrade RAM On MacBook Air?


As long as MacBook exists, “running too slow” seems to be a everlasting topic for some users. Upgrading RAM of Macbook becomes a popular choice. REWA here introduces a quick and inexpensive way to upgrade your MacBook memory so as to improve your Mac’s speed and the performance.

Parts & Tools Used:
Macbook Spare Parts:
Hot Air Gun:
Soldering Iron:
BGA Paste Flux:
Solder Wire:


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  2. after watching this, I understand that basically everything in a computer is upgradeable , you just need a solder iron and bunch of parts from China. How do I solder in and add one more core into the CPU? Any ideas? I have 4 cores in the CPU now, but I want 5.

  3. I was expecting this to show how how I may upgrade mems,,, but LOL, OMG, no, no, no — I wont do that!
    Send this vid to Apple and let me know about their reactions … 🙂

  4. everything is clear and obvious. But i really did not find a spare parts to do it. RAM chips is not available. i did search on amazon, aliexpress without any result! Could you please advice me where i can buy RAM chips?

  5. Od razu można biec do Apple po nową płytę. Lutuje układy BGA wiem co robić, jednak jak widzę tutaj grzanie z ręki zwykłą dmuchawką i bez podgrzewacza to mnie to przeraża. Osobnym problem jest pozycjonowanie nowych układów na oko. Ten film to sabotaż.

  6. Thought I was already subbed! Does replacing the RAM (doubling) work for all macbook pro logic boards, including replacing the resistor? I thought you had to reball the ram chips too. Thank you again 🤓

  7. you dont need to take out the motherboard to upgrade. you can just slide them out. its like a m.2 drive on a pc. you can also buy new ram sticks

    Edit: my bad, i thought the ssd was the ram 🤣

  8. just out of curiosity, where did you get the ram chips? and what did you mean with the bios change the bios and restore? where did you get the bios, i found no source of a bios mod?

  9. 1. Bought special tool to open up MacBook Air
    2. Feeling good after popping the lid
    3. Can’t find where the ram is!?
    4. Watched this video
    5. <insert your word> #@$!
    6. Closed back MacBook
    7. Put it back to storage.


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