I Restored $5 Destroyed iPhone 4S Back to Brand New – Phone Restoration & Repair

I bought this iPhone 4S from ebay to restore it. I haven’t worked much with such “new tech” or phones so this was an interesting and challenging restoration. It has only a broken screen and power button which turned out to be quite simple fix and easy to troubleshoot. I will replace the screen and the power button / light sensor cable. I also changed the color of the iPhone to black because I like how it looks, especially with the brushed steel.

This project was mostly just a disassembly, quick cleanup with isopropyl alcohol, sanding the body and reassembly with the broken parts replaced so I will not write a long text this time. All the cables are super delicate, and the connectors will snap in place with ease after you find the right position. You should never try to force them in to place. Also when replacing the screen you should be very especially careful to get the cables through the body without bending them in wrong places. You will only ruin the connectors if you try. The special screwdriver for the bottom

Jerry’s parts sheet:

Some tools from this project:
Screw driver set:
Phone repair kit:
More plastic prying tools:
New screen for iPhone 4S:
New back glass:
Power button/sensor replacement:
Replacement battery:
Restoration playlist▶

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