Javascript Coding Challenge #1: Reverse a String (FreeCodeCamp)


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  1. I couldn't be more of a beginner and you helped me pass my test in 20 mins to enroll. Mind you the first 15 minutes I was searching for videos until I found this one. Now that I see the precourse work I'll definitely be doing that 🤣

  2. Absolutely loved it. I was so frustrated last couple of days because of it… have no idea. Absolutely loved the example and how you explain…. keep doing that please, it's incredibly useful.

  3. I wrote this code before watching this video 🙂

    Maybe your code is better than mine

    function reverse(str) {
    var letters = [];
    for(var i = 0; i < str.length; i++) {
    str = letters.join('');
    return str;

    console.log(reverse('hello world'));

  4. Thanks your videos are so helpful, I just started taking web dev class in NYC, and I'm the kind of person who learns by seeing the solution, understanding the mechanics, then learning to do a variation later. I get stuck trying to come up with something from scratch.

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  6. Hey Tanzine…!
    The methods do not work for a string with many words, however it works for string with one word. So how can you fix this issue?

    var name= "It has worked Okay"

    // Method 1
    function revStr(a){
    var reverseStr = "";
    for (i=a.length-1; i>=0; i–){
    reverseStr += a[i]
    console.log(reverseStr); // yakO dekrow sah tI …. instead of tI sah dekrow yakO !

    //Method 2;
    function reverseStr(b){
    let strArr = b.split("")
    let reArr = strArr.reverse();
    let revStr = reArr.join("");

    reverseStr(name); */ //yakO dekrow sah tI …. instead of tI sah dekrow yakO !


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