Keanu Reeves | Things remain unchanged


Other than his beautiful look, there are other things remain unchanged through the years.
I think all these things made him such a wonderful human being.

And Keanu will become 54 soon.
All the best best wishes to him.

Keanu Reeves, John Wick

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  1. Keanu is so nutz with his motorcycle accident. Those stunts he does in movies makes him think he can pull that off in real life looking cool and not getting injured! He is so funny lol 😂 I feel bad for the driver. Imagine almost killing John Wick lol

  2. A large postor of him as of what he's playing will be a kick to my brother in law cause he loves his actions movies but I know that will never happen I'm just dreaming hummm dreams do come true are you hearing me keeanu I hope so

  3. WHAY DONT GIVE EARLIER TO THIS GAY , TO BE THE MOST BIGEST ACTOR..? WHAT?.. MATRIX 1234, IS NOTHING?.. O S K A R ?.. ARE U SALEEPING ?.. YHIS IS THE FUTURE????????????????????????????????????????????


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