[New 2020!] Play and add ANY Steam game or DLC to your library ! [SteamCrack 4.0]


Read the description, it’s VERY important.

This crack only works on WINDOWS (tested on windows 8.1 and windows 10)

In this video i’m going to show you how to add games and DLC in your library and how to play them.

If you want to play a family shared game you firstly have to download the game to your library !
If you want to play a game (or add a DLC) that you don’t own or don’t have family shared to you, you have to download the game’s (or DLC) files online (I show you how in the video).

WARNING : The game will not show updates/updates if it’s in your library.
If the game is family shared to you, you need to start Steam normaly then update the game (while the game is in your friend’s library) and then crack Steam again.
If the game is not family shared to you, you have to download the new update game’s files online.

If you have any problem feel free to tell me in the comment I will answer you as fast as I can.

The program is coded by myself, the injection method is coded by myself but the dll injected in Steam is the GreenLuma 2020 DLL.

SteamCrack 4.0 require MSVC2015 x86 and x64. You can install them with the installers found in the redist folder or the SteamCrack.

Download SteamCrack 4.0 :
Download games files :

(Why does the link contains ads ? Because the crack is using too mush brandwidth on my Dropbox account and that blocks update. So the only solution I’ve found was to make a link with ads and use the money to pay a Dropbox Pro account)

Virus Scan (Yes Microsoft detects it as a virus but go install a real anti-virus) :

About DLC :

-If it’s a PAID DLC AND your friend has the DLC it will download it and you will be able to play with it (example : my friend has ARK : Survival Evolved and he bought the DLC Scorched Earth. It will download with your game during the update (you can check it by right clicking on your game’s name in the library then go to property and in the DLC tab make sure that the DLC is checked). Now I you play with the DLC.)
BUT THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE TO DO : You need to put the DLC ID in SteamCrack !

-If it’s a FREE DLC, then log in your friend account, download the DLC (go to the DLC page on Steam and download it) then log back to your account

-If it’s a PAID DLC and your friend hasn’t the DLC then you will need to download the DLC’s files online.

Problems :

-Failed to Start the Game (Missing Executable) :
If it’s a game that is family shared to you : it’s because you need to first download the game from your friend’s library then do like me in the video.(if you pay attention i’ve already downloaded Broforce).
If it’s a game that is not family shared to you : that’s because you don’t have the game’s files. Watch the video until the end, I show you how you can download games files online.

-Failed to start game (No license) : it’s because your game check for license. This crack does not work with this type of games :/ Sorry guys !

-Game is not added in you library : Make sure you have “unlocked” the game in Steam. To do so crack Steam then click the unlock the game in Steam button in the SteamCrack. It will prompt you to “install” the game (it’s not really installing it). That will at it to your library.
When you click the unlock the game in Steam button and that Steam opens up the game’s store page that means that your Steam is not cracked. Simply close Steam and press the Crack button in SteamCrack to crack it. Then when Steam is opened by SteamCrack press the unlock the game in Steam button.
When you click the unlock the game in Steam button and nothing happens it just means that you actually have the game in your library !

-Other/Still not working : join my Discord server to get additionnal help 🙂 :

If you want to donate because you like the crack :p (no refund !):

Musics :
-We Are One – Vexento
-Circles – Lensko
-Take It Easy – MBB

(yes i know this crack can only be use in specifics situations but that’s all i can do, and that’s why it’s not fake)

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