Razer DeathAdder Essential Review – Worth It In 2020?


Today we see how Razer’s budget DeathAdder Essential stacks up in 2020. Razer DeathAdder Essential – TechBarn …


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  1. I actually have that mouse, I'd say a really good mouse for minecraft pvp.(look i have a potato laptop and Minecraft is the only game that is compatible) The button are really REALLY easy to press on. The downside one is I got the broken one, the side buttons are broken when I press it. It does not respond. Overall pretty great mouse!

  2. I’m have this mouse as I’m new to pc gaming. I think this mouse is for people who are just getting into pc gaming but don’t want a cheap 10$ mouse that will break. It’s great for the money.

  3. bro your video quality is fine but you are reviewing the worst products. We have all seen 100 deathadder and kraken reviews no one wants to see that. Review some new mouses, keyboards, and headsets that people actually want info on. Who the hell is looking into buying a deathadder in 2020

  4. Seeing as everyone right now is focused on the new to be released gaming hardware and you guys just keep reviewing some mice and keyboards I don’t think it will really help revive this channel


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