Razer Electra V2 Unboxing and Overview | Budget Gaming Headset !

This video is a quick unboxing and overview of the Razer Electra V2 Gaming Headset. This is an entry level and budget oriented headset retailing at $59.99 …


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  1. Hate these headphones don’t buy them they make your ear hurts and make your ears dry and itch because the cloth inside of the headphones is like sand paper shit and whenever u move around it peels the skin of your ear and overall bar headphones and it hurst your eardrums

  2. Don't put the end of the Mic down on a table or it'll eventually snap off and you won't be able to use this headset. I wouldn't recommend this because after 3 weeks it snapped off and broke, so probably get a razer kraken x, it's a built in Mic and won't break

  3. I have owned this for bout 2.5 years. amazing headset for the price. does what it needs to decent mic and good sound quality. would recommend. nothing is broken yet except for the splitter that I ran over with my chair a thousand times. very durable headset would recommend.

  4. the only thing I hate about this headset is the bloody earcups are too small and your ear heats up pretty fast, it's not really comfortable your ears start to feel sore really fast. the audio is good both gaming ( you can hear footsteps pretty clearly) and watching movies! I would give it a 5.5/10 score overall.


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