Razer Nabu Watch Review – Is it Worth It?


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Razer Nabu –

Lets see if the Nabu has what it takes to compete with other smartwatches.

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Review unit provided free of charge by RAZER. As per HWC guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer.
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  1. I've got the watch, and im pretty happy with it. I like the looks, and i find the fonts easily readable. Only downside is the nabu app that is utter garbage. Other than that, in my opinion, its a solid watch

  2. Outside the time is perfectly visible, but the smart display is less visible. Inside during daytime both are perfectly visible, but at night the time is barely visible because of the very dim backlight.

  3. :O affordable smart watch? Come one man. You made a prety good review, but there are 10 bucks wristband band from China that can notify you with same things. Would love to see this watch being compared to cheapest smart band available.

  4. Paid 25 bux for an original Pebble off Amazon does 95% of the things this does in a much easier and more functional manner. Of course who knows if that will remain the case because we'll Fitbit doesn't care about Pebble owners


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