1. Vuugo
    First thx for the vid
    n my question is which mouse should i buy for mostly FPS and TPS games???
    i play COD MW3 most n games like that…..
    my choice is b/w razer naga epic / razer naga hex / corsair m90
    i dont use extra keys much { thumb keys }
    plz reply i`m really confused

  2. First off, sorry for bad english.
    I'm planning on buying this mouse to play Diablo 3 & League of legends with it.
    Now my question is about Diablo3. In the game left click is moving and shift + left click is an attack. Can I bind shift to like for example button 6 on the mouse so when I hold 6 and use left click It will be the same as holding shift + left click?
    thanks in advance! Good vid btw !


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