Razer Orbweaver Chroma Review


Is it bad I think I love the stickers this comes with more than the game pad? Either way, it’s an awesome game pad, with FPS, RTS and MMORPG gamers at heart here. Watch for more info!
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Razer Orbweaver Chroma Review


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  1. FAQs:
    Q: Is this a mouse? A: No, it's a single handed game pad.
    Q: What's the point since this is only half a keyboard? A: It's a luxury item. It's slightly nicer to use this than a keyboard and since you can customise every key you can use your keyboard like normal but have a load of macros setup on this.
    Q: Why did you leave the music on during the sound test? A: It was a mistake while editing. Sorry.
    Q: What games is this for? A: Anything you want. MMO, RPG, FPS, RTS. Not just games too, video editing, music editing, and more.

  2. orbweaver sucks, far keys are too far to reach comfortably and the analog stick is much too clumsy with the light touch mouse-click like buttons… i've got rather large hands and it's no-where near comfortable to reach all buttons

  3. I know this is for gaming, but it would be solid for video editing or making music in Reason or Albleton. I'm assuming since you can mske different msppings for different software. It will also switch the profile when you open a program that has custom mappings?

  4. There’s NOT ONE fucking thing ANY of my friends OR myself has purchased that was WORKING from THAT PIECE OF SHIT COMPANY. And anything that WAS working, was BROKE after 40 or 50 days.

    Doesn’t matter WHAT programmable controller you get, or peripheral you’ll buy.

    I myself bought two controllers for my 360 back in a day. Housemate and I couldn’t use them after 40-45 days because the actual analogs WENT NUTS.

    Years later, Xbox one, family gifted me two of their pro controllers with programmable everything.

    First died in two weeks, THE SCUF TRIGGERS wouldn’t register for any profile.
    Second one died around the beginning of the second month. Wouldn’t receive any power regardless of replacing the cable.

    I’ve got 3 more my friends gave me to MAYBE try to get working.


    EVERY FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT THEY SELL is constructed of brittle ass, shit 1979 model-air-plane-PLASTIC that completely fucks YOU or someone else after

  5. No one wants loud clicking keys unless youre a selfish little shit head xD. Silent Mechanical keyboards thanks, enough of this open mic key clacking noob bullshit we have to deal with on a daily basis.

  6. so you cant use the joystick as a cursor right? i just bought the Tartarus v2 thinking ( as a left hander) i could use the joystick to control my cursor instead of having a mouse but…. thats not happening. so can you the joystick for the orb weaver as a cursor replacement or no joystick, just directional buttons

  7. i have one. its shit. the thumb stick some times thinks your pushing the opposite direction. forward is sometimes back. left is sometimes right and each direction is positioned terribly. the thumb stick is digital which is crap. you want an analog thumb stick. dont buy one its garbage.

  8. I couldn't hear the key clicks because of the stupid music in the background. Why are Youtubers doing this, it's not cool, I had to switch off well before the end of the video, as the crappy music was doing my head in. Won't be coming back again

  9. It brings absolutely nothing more to the table then a regulair keyboard.
    The key's themselves aren't ergonomically designed and the thumb piece is just way to clumsy and forces your hand in a uncomfortable position.
    The only keypad that nails it in my opinion is the logitech G13, the key's are bigger and ergo structured so you can reach with your thumb 4 buttons and the joystick.
    Of course logitech decided to discontinue the production of the G13 booming the prices of the product because it's still one of the most wanted and best keypads ever made.
    A mechanical version would be awesome, i would pay 200$ for it no sweat.


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