Redbubble face mask profits | tips & tricks for more sales 🤑


In this video, I discuss Redbubble face mask profits for both fitted and flat as well as how to make money using masks since they’re such a hot seller right now. Lots of money to be made as people want different designs on their face mask. Hopefully these tips & tricks are helpful and allow you to make some money.

Flat mask dimensions: 2380 x 1630px
Fittedmask dimensions: 2716 x 1972px

Flat mask PNG template:
Fitted mask PNG template:

(save and import to your fav image editing software)

DISCLAIMER: I get contacted regularly by businesses offering me money to make content for them, but I only ever recommend resources that I actually use and think will be helpful. Being authentic and upfront is important to me and I believe in transparency, so I want to let you know that there are affiliate links below. This means that if you click through them, I might receive a commission. It supports my channel without any additional cost to you and allows me to keep producing free content. It’s very much appreciated! If anything changes, or in the future I decide to accept payment in exchange for promoting something, I will disclose it, both in the video and in the description.

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  1. Great video, informative as always. I think we will have at least one more year of masks going strong. I've started a baby/kids clothes shop 1 month ago. Ive uploaded 120 good quality designs but still had no sales. What's your option on baby clothes? Should I keep going and build my catalogue or give up on an item that is potentially not an interest to the redbubble customers?

  2. Great video! As a complete newbie I'm reluctant to start shelling out for software I may not use longterm. Do you have a recommendation for a free alternative to photoshop? I'll probably stick to mainly text based at first but would also like to know of free resources for art I could include in my designs? Thanks.

  3. even though I have more than 300 cool graphic designs for fitted masks and flat mask no sales on them so far. I do spend lots of time making them to look perfect but with no end results, kind of sad. Love your video., you are one of the few youtubers who actually point this mistakes and give suggestion how to fix them I would appreciate if you visit my store and if you like my art style you can follow. I do upload 50 designs a day.

  4. Hello friend, great content as useful. Question for you: i have a lot of designs available now bu there are some that I cringe at, the designs that I know are terrible/could be better. Should I get rid of them to clean up my shop, or just leave them in hopes that someone may like them someday + more designs the better?

  5. face diapers, sad to even be promoting this crap one they don't protect you no matter what design in fact cause more harm than good two risking a potential lawsuit if your mask cause harm to a person as in restricts breathing not to mention the countless studies done by scientist and NIH CDC and a whole lot of others healthy people should not wear masks period

  6. Nah, hard pass! This is part of a massive Satanic shame ritual. I will NOT support the enslavement and muzzling of humanity for a Fake "virus", some things are not worth selling. This Scamdemic is not meant to ever end. Look up Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, I.D. 2020, World Economic Forum – Build Back Better, The UN NWO, H.R. 6666 Trace Act Bill, Clade X from 2018, Event 201, etc. Criminals Gates' & Fauci's put us all in their science experiment. Global Public Health Mafia Racket: Here's a real doctor that's also honest: Dr Carrie Madej: Human 2.0
    May God the Father bless us all now.

  7. Hi Craig, I just made a design that has really good potential to go viral, I wanna milk as much money out of it before someone copy it… do you have any recommendation to promote it? Beside redbubble and etsy (etsy ads)?

  8. I think TP more optimized and easy to use, cuz I need at least 3 layouts for each designs. main design for shirts and if design based on black shirt need dark version for stickers & one for fitted mask
    or try to optimize design to Suit RB platform like patterns

  9. I been working on several mask designs for RB for awhile now, and yet I knew this trend would not last long. I am actually more interested in doing "neck gator" mask for other POD sites, because for some silly reason RB doesn't do this style of mask. Because of the fact that "outdoor types" (like boat fishermen for example), already were using these mask before the Pandemic, and will be wearing them after the Pandemic is over. I now have created about 100 different designs, but not positive what POD site I should release them first. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you in advance.


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