Review: Razer Tiamat 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset


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  1. I've bought a pair of these but the problem here is I'm using a laptop. There are many 3.5mm Jack's coming out from the headset for utilizing the true 7.1 . But my Asus TUF laptop have a single 3.5mm port and USB slots available. I know I can purchase a mic adapter. But is it possible for a 7.1 adapter ? Can anyone help me out

  2. Thankyou for recommending a sound card i got one today the sonar d2 omg !!!!!!!!this headset was taking dust for the past 3 years omg this thing is amazing fyi you have to adjust the setting to have the best sound possible

  3. How do these sound to other people in the room while you're wearing them? I am now using a Roccat Kave true 5.1 headset. Sound is awesome, but my headset is LOUD to everyone else. Hoping to find a true surround headset that wont disturb other people in the same room.

  4. would you recommend this still? Doesn't appear to be any newer analog 7.1 surround headsets out there (trying to avoid USB ones as not the same as when manually plugging in your 3.5mm cables for true surround)… do you know exactly what the usb connector type is exactly that connects the adapter cable for plugging in your surround speakers to as it looks far too short for my needs and if getting this would need to find a compatible USB extension cable.. I have 5.1 surround speakers so wouldn't be fully utilizing 7.1 with speakers but my motherboard audio output is 7.1 ready for the headset at least.thanks for anyone's reply!

  5. The fucking Headpads hurt like hell when you have used it for a while, my head looks like a 8-sided dice and i can even feel it, bumpy head, my fucking skull is starting to cave in, i might get retarded if this continues

  6. I have had the Razor Tiamat 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound HD for a few years now and I've have good times and unfortunately bad ones. I thinks it's the ear padding. My ears begin to ache after a couple hours of gaming. Not to mention how the lumpy padding on the top puts waves in my hair. Not completely sure what they were going for with that.

  7. Grizzle If you can help me I just bought this motherboard Should I buy a dedicated sound card so I can reach True 7.1 Surround Sound ? Or is the sound card on my mobo is good enough for that ?


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