RTX 2070 vs VEGA 64 Test in 8 Games


RX VEGA 64 8GB vs RTX 2070 8GB in 1440p (i7 8700k) If you want to support the channel or offer your idea for the test …


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  1. to bad the vega cards are not priced at what they should be though, i would love one of them for around 399 brand new no doubt but the 5700xt goes for around that price anyways, i would say in that case may as well go for a 2060 super or 5700xt

  2. when i bought vega 64, it was at same price range as 1070, and i was so right. And even now this old card is competitive against 2070 LMFAO. And on other part of story, clock for clock its more efficient if they could squeese less heat.


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