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Sony Xperia C Unboxing & Overview

Unboxing & Hands on Overview for the Sony Xperia C which is a new Mid-range android phone by Sony having a 5 inch screen and is a powered by a 1.2 Ghz …


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  1. If you compared the Grand with the C… I guess there would be a slightly greater distance between the two:

    First off the C has a  5 inch qHD screen with about 220ppi
    The Grand has a low-res screen 5 inch with about 187ppi (but if your not one who really cares about resolution don't bother with this part)

    As for the CPUs the Grand wins (Dual Core Cortex A9 can either be equal or can outperform a Quad Core Cortex A7)

    GPUs Ermm.. the Grand is equipped with a BroadCom Videocore IV GPU (I saw it run vice city smoothly so..) The C on the other hand is equipped with a PowerSGX544 GPU which is actually fairly powerful (actually better)

    As for the camera thats for you to decide…

    So, in my opinion (fkin neck and neck) I'd most likely chose the C because of its better battery life (Grand drains pretty fast), function (I guess), and of course its price tag ($268 in the US vs $277).

    But.. on the bright side the Grand is a good looking phone and when it comes to the rooting and development community.. 4.4 Custom Roms (Carbon, UO Cyanogenmod 11 etc..) it knocks the C off the dev side but it stock touchwiz experience it lags due to its battery life and the 4.2.2 update which messed it up (can be fixed if you flash a better rom)

  2. Hello Ranjit, i would like to ask u is this phone support punjabi and other unicode fonts in apps like facebook, whatsapp bcoz im using karbonn s5 right now but its doesn't support unicode fonts and showing boxes. but on another hand samsung s dous support al these fonts. plz tell me what is main problem how can i sortout this problem.?? is sony with same problem???


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