Sound Forge Pro 11.0 Serial Number & Activation Code with keygen


Hi, here is how to download, install and register Sound Forge Pro 11.0.

I think It doesn’t work anymore but you can still try (05.03.2020).
If you want to use the Sound Forge Pro 13 just go to the link:

1) Download the files from these links:

Link for download the keygen file only (2 mb)(Tested on 25.10.2018):
(for Sound Forge Pro 9, 10, 11 and other softwares)

(Don’t worry about the keygen folder name (… 11.0.338), it works for setup (Build 345) in the link below. I tested on 25 October 2018.)

Drive link for download the Software setup file only (Build 11.0.345 – about 180 Mb):

Unfortunately, the keygen in Drive link has been removed by Google on the grounds of abuse !!! Even if it is in a .rar file 🙁

2) Install the Software (SoundForge11.exe),

3) Run keygen file as Admin (If the anti-virus program detects a threat, disable it for a while),

4) Choose Sound Forge 11 Series on the list,

5) Click on patch, firstly patch where the executable is located (…MAGIXSound Forge Pro 11.0). Then choose MAGIX / Shared Plugins folder to patch plugins (…MAGIXNoise Reduction Plug-In 2.0),

6) Generate a serial number and use it when you first launch the Software,

7) Choose “Register from another computer” to register the software (offline activation),

8) Insert some bogus info,

9) Copy activation code from keygen to activate your copy.

9, 5) Don’t forget to subscribe my channel not to miss the videos like this 😉

Done. Enjoy…

Track in the video: Gunnar Olsen – Tremsz (YouTube Audio Library)

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