Talk – Gaming on the 2017 iMac i5 8GB Radeon Pro 580 – Part 1 [feat. PUBG, Doom, Mad Max, RE7]

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I just bought a new 27″ iMac to replace my old 2012 27″ iMac. I use it to edit my photos, videos and play my favourite games: PUBG (UnknownPlayer’s Battlegrounds), Rise of the Tomb Raider, Doom, Mad Max, DayZ and Resident Evil 7 This one is way more powerful as it comes with as 8GB Radeon Pro 580. Not the fastest graphics card in the world but perfect for some 1080p and 1440p gaming in a sleek hardware. I hope you enjoy this first video about gaming.
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By the way, I am not affiliated to any brands or online retailers. All the products that I talk about and review have been purchased by myself. I am only adding these links to give you some additional information or as a price reference, I am not getting any commission.

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