What does numpy reshape(-1 1) mean?


Reshape your data either X.reshape(-1, 1) if your data has a single feature/column and X.reshape(1, -1) if it contains a single sample. If you are getting this error then in this video, I plan to demystify the confusion surrounding numpy reshape (1,-1) function.

I’ll use a simple example to explain what does -1 mean in numpy reshape.

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  1. can we use reshape function in a multi linear regression i.e which has multiple features if we can use can you please share code below how to define for a multi linear regression

  2. Hi..While working on SUV dataset, I got the value error when I tried doing feature scaling using StandardScaler post train test split. Error is: "ValueError: Expected 2D array, got 1D array instead:'." How to resolve the issue?
    Also, its little weird that when I am running the same code on google colab I am not getting this error. Could you help me understand, why am I getting this error on my jupyter notebook?


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